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These units are designed for best use in 50 ohm systems. The cases are constructed of wrought aluminum alloys and are appropriately passivated. SMA Connectors use passivated stainless steel bodies and gold plated copper alloy center conductors. BNC, TNC and Type N connectors use nickel plated brass bodies and silver or gold plated copper alloy center conductors.

The interconnecting circuit board is two sided solder dipped copper conductors on G-10 dielectric material. The external aluminum case makes excellent direct physical contact with the edges of the internal TO-8 style unit package. There are no epoxy materials used in mounting the module units. This avoids a temperature shock effect on stability.

The amplifier assemblies are constructed of cascaded modular units that are each individually hermetically sealed and tested. These individual units are then custom cascaded to create the amplifiers described in these listings.

Some possible combinations may not be listed. Please contact us for other gain and output power options. Custom cascades are priced similarly to standard units and can be quickly delivered.

The cascading of standard units provides the dual benefits of large volume production together with custom specifications.

Since each module can be cascaded without affecting its individual performance, the standard units can be cascaded to create a large selection of amplifiers.

All units offer a constant impedance at the DC bias terminals. Units are available for operation from 5 VDC to 24 VDC and are appropriately identified in the listing. Internal resistors can be installed in almost all units to raise the bias terminal voltage. The voltage requirement however usually cannot be reduced.

Attenuator units with fixed and electrically variable values from 1 dB to 40 dB are available to further customize the units listed here.

Internal fixed attenuators can be inserted in the middle of a gain cascade to adjust the gain within very small tolerances.

These fixed attenuators can also be installed at the input or output of the cascade to provide very low constant SWR, or to improve system flatness.

All modules used in these amplifiers are individually hermetically sealed and contain an active bias circuit. This active bias circuit offers extremely stable gain vs temperature characteristics that are virtually unaffected by power supply variation.

Almost all modules incorporate DC blocking on the RF line. If DC blocking is a requirement, please confirm the configuration of the units selected.

These amplifiers are available fully assembled and tested or as a kit of components for customer assembly. The overall performance of a kit is assured by factory testing of the individual module units. Assembly requires the installation of #0 to #4 screws, and the soldering of the module leads and the coaxial connector interfaces. Up to one hour may be required to assemble a first unit, with subsequent units typically requiring 15 minutes assembly time.

Kits include all screws and washers, one EMI filter, case with cover, coaxial connectors, and a voltage dropping resistor when required. A simple instruction manual is also included. A short piece of "buss wire" and solder is supplied by others.

Standard units are available with Type N, SMA, BNC, and TNC jack connectors. Some small amplifiers are limited to SMA Jack connectors and are so indicated in the product listings. BNC connectors are not recommended for use within high gain sensitive systems.

Type N, TNC, and BNC plug connectors are available for the TC-2 and TC-4 cases on special order. Please contact us for an appropriate special part number.

Type SMA plugs, and Right Angle SMA plugs and jacks are available for the TC-62 and TC-64 cases on special order. Please contact us for an appropriate special part number.

Type SMA straight plugs are available for the TC-1 and TC-61 cases.

ASI power supplies are available in 5, 12,15 and 24 volt outputs to complement these amplifiers. The dash number indicates the voltage. The output voltage of these power supplies are NOT changeable or variable.

It is not normally economically practical to convert a unit from one voltage to another. The PSEM unit is rated at 6 watts at 20oC case. The PS and PSD units are rated at 10 watts with 65oC case.

Power Supplies

Fig. D-2. Applied Specialties Power Supplies shown without amplifiers.
L-R Type PS-15, Type PSEM-15 and Type PSD-15 (with power cord).

The ASI PSEM-15 is a miniature linear (series regulated) power supply completely enclosed within a machined wrought aluminum case. A mounting plate attaches an amplifier to the top of this power supply. The unit includes a voltage selector switch, a covered fuse, a circular 3 pin connector for the AC input, and a connectorized power cord. The DC output is available at a filtered solder terminal, and is usually connected externally to the amplifier. PRICE = $400.00

The ASI PS-15 is a cost effective linear (series regulated) power supply completely enclosed in a sheet metal aluminum case. An amplifier may be mounted to the long side of the power supply with a suitable mounting plate. Input voltage selection and output connections are made on a terminal strip. No fuse or power cord is supplied. PRICE = $95.00

The ASI PSD-15 is similar to the ASI PS-15 with the addition of a fixed power cord, input voltage selection switch, fuse, and power switch. An amplifier may be mounted to the bottom using a mounting bracket with an integral heat sink, or to the long side. The DC connections are made on a terminal strip. PRICE = $115.00. Add $35.00 for amplifier heat sink.

Power supplies are not available in "kit" form, but are available separately as a completed assembly for integration by the user.

To order any of these amplifiers with an integrated power supply, add a / and the power supply desired. Prices include integration with an amplifier on original order. Example ASI 40-103M/PSEM-5 = $601.00 ($201.00 + $400.00)

Power Supply Images

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