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Bend Radii

RF Depot uses a bending technology that is unsurpassed in our industry.

Our methods and equipment are compatible with most automated bending systems without the expensive set-up and capital costs, and are very well suited for one to about 150 cables. The benefits to our customers are:

1. More exacting point to point tolerances.

2. Tighter packaging.

3. Lower loss at higher frequency.

4. Decrease in labor time for smaller runs.

5. Greater mechanical and electrical consistency from one piece to the next.

6. In many cases, phase matching with little to no trimming.

Recommended center line bend radii:

Cable Size (in.) Bend Radius (inc.)
.375 aluminum2.000
.500 aluminum2.500

To be most cost effective a constant bend radius should be used when designing assemblies. Consideration should also be given to the connector to cable interface. Use the longest straight section of cable at the connector interface as possible to reduce labor costs at installation of connector.

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