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Franchised Distributor for:

        AMPHENOL RF/MICROWAVE OPERATIONS: Commercial and Industry Standard Coaxial Connectors; 50 Ohm BNC, 75 Ohm BNC, Twin BNC, Type N, SMA, SMB, SMC, TNC, TWINAX, UHF, Mini-UHF, Adapters, Tools.

        APPLIED SPECIALTIES, INC.: Adapters, Amplifiers, Attenuators, Cable Assemblies, Coaxial Cable, Computer Cable Assemblies, Directional Couplers, Multicouplers, Power Dividers, RG Cable by the Foot, Twin-Ax Cable.

        BETTA INDUSTRIES, INC.: Semi-Rigid Tooling, Tube Bending, Tools and Fixtures, Precision Blurr-Free Cut-Off Saw.

        COAXIAL ACCESSORIES: COAX Seal Caulking, Shipping Covers, Cases and Connectors, Semi-Rigid Cable, Special Connectors.

        CONNEX CONNECTOR CORP.: Commercial Grade RF Coaxial Connectors, SMA, SMB, SMC, BNC, TNC, N, TWINAX and UHF. ISO 9002. Commercial Interfaces IAW Mil-C-39012.

        CONTACT ELECTRONICS INC.: D SUB Connectors, Contacts for Auto Crimp.

        DELTA ELECTRONICS INC.: Coaxial Connectors, UG Series, Tri-axial Connectors, 75 Ohm Connectors, BNC and TNC, Type N.

        DITOM MICROWAVE INC.: Coaxial Isolators & Circulators.

        DOW KEY MICROWAVE INC.: RF & Microwave Switches, Electromechanical Switches, "Smart Switches".

        JOHNSON COMPONENTS: Coaxial Connectors, MCX, MMCX, SMA, SMB and SMC.

        MILLIWAVE: Microwave and Millimeter Wave Amplifiers, Frequency Multipliers and Converters to 110 Ghz.

        PRECISION TUBE INC.: Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable, Copper and Aluminum Jackets, Plain and Plated, Mil-C-17 QPL Cables, Soft Form Cables.

        RADIALL INC.: Coaxial Connectors, Mil-C-39012 QPL, BNC, MCX, MMS & TNC, Type N, SMA, SMB and SMC, Accessories.

        SKY'S MICROWAVE: Signal Processing Components for RF and Microwave Communication.

        SRI CONNECTOR GAGE, CO.:Connectors for low loss coaxial cable. 2.4mm, 2.9mm, 3.5mm and 7mm coaxial connectors and adapters. Custom and standard microwave connectors. Coaxial connector interface gages.

        SV MICROWAVE INC.: Coaxial Connectors, Type N, SMA, SMB and SMC, Precision N, Type TNC, Mil-C-55339 QPL Adapters, Mil-C-39012 QPL Connectors, Mil-C-83517 QPL Launchers.

        SOUTHWEST MICROWAVE INC.: 27 GHz SMA Connectors, mm Wave Coaxial Connectors.

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