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RF Cases (Continued)

2. Custom or Mixed Assemblies

The AC case series is designed around a modular "position" approximately 1 inches long and is offered in 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 position sizes. A series of standard circuit boards that occupy 1, 2, or 3 positions is offered with each particular board designed to accommodate one or more particular I.C. modules. By combining appropriate circuit boards in an appropriate case, a quick easy assembly of TO-12, TO-8, and TO-12 units with external capacitors, can be combined in one assembly. Alternately, standard circuit boards can be combined with one or more customer furnished boards to easily provide extremely customized subassemblies quickly and at low cost.

The AC case series consists of a machined housing with a continuous ground plane ledge around the internal periphery. The walls are approximately 0.18 inches thick and are tapped for the top and bottom cover to screw down. The covers are interchangeable, and the RF connector centerline offset so that the RF connector elevation can be either 0.77 or 0.48 inches depending where the "bottom" cover with the thru mounting holes is installed. Further, each "side" of the case is tapped for 4 each mounting holes and with option "B" (2 "top" cover vice 1 each "top" and "bottom") a smaller 1 inch wide vice 1 inch wide "footprint" is realized. Since each side is tapped, and the RF connector is offset, RF connector elevations of 1.19 inch or 0.68 inch can be realized. Each AC case has 2 each RF connector locations (1 each end) and 4 each filter feed thru locations (2 each end).

Additional holes for standard RF connectors can be added to the "sides" with quick availability and nominal cost. Custom holes and locations are also available. Reproducible drawings for customer specification of additional holes are offered at nominal cost.

Description Part No. Positions Used Price
Blank Extender UB-1 1 $ 5.00
1 ea. TO-8 UB-3 1 $ 10.00
1 ea. TO-12
(No external caps)
UGB-1 1 $ 5.00
2 ea. TO-8 UB-4 1 $ 10.00
2 ea. TO-12
(No external caps)
UGB-2 1 $ 5.00
1 ea. TO-3 UB-6** 1 $ 10.00
2 ea. TO-12
with capacitors
UGB-62 2 $ 10.00
3 ea. TO-12
with capacitors
UGB-63 2 $ 10.00
1 ea. TO-8
four leads*
UFB-3 1 $ 10.00

* For use with UTF and VTO series and potentiometer for screw driver frequency adjust and gain adjust.
Requires modified "top" cover to mount potentiometer.

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