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RF Depot offers several cases for customer assembly of TO-12, TO-8, and TO-3 MIC components or RF amplifiers.

These cases are constructed of machined wrought aluminum alloys (6063 or 2024) and are passivated (clear iridite) with a conductive finish. Cases are normally supplied complete with RF connectors, feed thru filters and all external hardware.

The TC Series also includes internal mounting hardware for the circuit boards. Circuit board hardware for the AC case series is not normally included, but is available at extra cost.

All cases are designed to provide extremely good RF ground plane grounding without soldering.

The design provides for the "track" side of a double sided 1/16 inch thick circuit board to just mate tangentially with the center contact of the RF connector for easy soldering. All these cases have successfully been used up to 2.3 GHz, but the construction is compatible with other cases that have been used up to 4.2 GHz.

The TC Series is particularly attractive in that this series provides an excellent heat sink to the rim of the TO-12 and TO-8 headers.

1. Standard Applications

The TC-44 case accommodates 1 to 4 each TO-12 amplifiers without the use of grounding rings. This case is specifically designed for these TO-12 amplifiers and provides excellent grounding of the I.C. header to the circuit board. This case also avoids the makeshift soldering of the header to the ground plane that is otherwise required when using a case designed for TO-8 units with the TO-12 units. The TC-44 case is available only with SMA Series connectors. SMA jack connectors are standard with SMA plugs available as option P (1 each jack, 1 each plug) or option PP (2 each plugs). If no option is specified, SMA jack connectors will be supplied with all TC-44 cases.

The TC-2 and TC-4 cases are for use only with TO-8 packaged devices and will accommodate amplifiers, voltage variable attenuators, and voltage tuned oscillators (1 each only in TC-2). The case design provides for excellent grounding of the TO-8 headers without soldering the header rim. For applications where a smaller "footprint" or height profile is desired, the TC-62 and TC-64 cases are available. The TC-2 and TC-4 cases are available with type N, TNC, BNC, or SMA jack connectors. The connector series must be specified by adding a connector suffix to the part number. N=type N, T=type TNC, B=type BNC, M=type SMA.

The Type TC-62 and TC-64 cases are internally identical to the TC-2 and TC-4 cases, but offer a reduced height profile and a smaller "footprint." These cases however, are available only with SMA Series connectors and unless option P (1 jack, 1 plug) or option PP (2 each plugs) is specified will be supplied with SMA jack connectors.

For those applications for TC-62 and TC-64 where tapped mounting holes are not appropriate, mounting option A is available. The "footprint" is enlarged in one direction only with no increase in height profile. The "footprint" for TC-62 option A is identical to that of the TC-2 and the "footprint" of the TC-64 option A is identical to that of the TC-4.

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