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  • Model 05Model 05: $8780.00

The Betta Model 05 bending tool consists of a measuring device with digital readout, a moveable cable holding fixture, an adjustable bending post, a moveable bending stop and four easily set position stops, all mounted on a sturdy composite base approximately 12 inches by 33 inches.

The adjustable bending post and the moveable bending stop are normally mounted on the same track and are moved only to engage or disengage the cable being bent. The bending post incorporates a protractor scale with a zero point that is easily set. Most users quickly become adept at using this scale to account for any cable "springback".

The cable holding fixture is mounted on sturdy rails and incorporates means for rotating and locking the cable about its longitudinal axis. Easily removable inserts are provided for this holding fixture to suit the cable diameter. Inserts are available in soft metal for heavy holding power, and hard plastic for minimizing marks on the cable. Metal inserts for 0.141 inch diameter cable, and plastic inserts for 0.085 inch diameter cable are supplied as standard items with each bending tool. The standard holding fixture accepts inserts for cable diameters up to 0.250 inches. Optional holding fixtures for cables up to 0.625 inches in diameter are available on special order.

All dimensions are based on the relative position of the developed cable, the axis rotation, and the angle of the bend.

The measuring device uses a glass scale and solid state electronics to digitally display the developed position of the cable. The resolution is to four decimal places, which substantially exceeds most normal requirements.

Intermediate "zero" points are reset with the push of a button. Position can be displayed in inches or centimeters with the push of a button.

The bending radius is determined by a grooved circular bending arbor. The dimensions of the grove are compatible with the diameter of the cable. An arbor is therefore required for each radius of each cable diameter.

For most applications, a single radius is most appropriate, since it is not practical to change the arbor radius for each bend.

Ten standard radius arbors are supplied with the Model 05 bending tool. Other radii are available from most Betta distributors as well as some other manufacturers.

The bending wheel that travels along the outside of the cable radius is sized for each cable diameter. Wheels for 0.085 and 0.141 diameter cables are supplied as standard items with each bending tool. Wheels for other cable diameters are available.

For "tight" bends, an optional rubbing block is available for use between a bending wheel and the outside of the cable bend. This rubbing block increases the friction on the cable and helps to stretch the outside of the cable. This stretching minimizes wrinkling of the inner radius. For very "tight" bends, cable with annealed outer jacket usually provides better results. The rubbing block is dependent on the cable diameter.

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