RF Depot is a "value added" specialty electronic distributor, specializing in coaxial connectors and radio frequency components. Our value added group specializes in providing standard and custom coaxial cable assemblies and custom assemblies of RF and coaxial components. The knowledge and experience of our people together with the current practice of knowledge in this group helps us to provide experienced technical liaison and application information to our customers.

We maintain a sales office in Beltsville, MD, between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore just south of Columbia, MD. This location is convenient to many large customers, airports, UPS, and truck transportation terminals. Telephone "tie lines" for Baltimore, DC, and Northern Virginia provide almost all our mid-Atlantic customers with local telephone access to our office. A nationwide toll-free number (800) 950-8555 and Email:our email address provides customers and sales representatives with easy telephone access.

RF Depot implements a philosophy that availability and appropriate pricing are a primary requirement in generating sales. Typical initial manufacturer's stock includes at least a "design in" quantity of all standard catalog items that can reasonably be expected to sell. We maintain an extensive inventory that is tailored to our customer's requirements. While annual inventory turns are an important consideration to avoid obsolescent or obsolete items in inventory, we use a combination of annual turns and individual item margin in sizing purchases and inventory. Items with generic application, identified usage, and longer factory lead times are stocked in quantities and ordered with purchase lead times so as to maintain an uninterrupted availability to the customer.




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